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Last year, we compiled a list of the Top 7 Family Friendly Restaurants in Door County. Looking back, we realized we missed a standout: The Gnoshery, a board game café in Sturgeon Bay. This charming spot quickly became a family favorite during our recent visit, earning a place in our upcoming update to the list.

For families visiting Sturgeon Bay, The Gnoshery is a perfect lunch option. Upon arrival, we snagged an outdoor table, perfect for a sunny day. Inside, The Gnoshery’s well-organized wall of games caught our eye. These games are free to play, offering a fantastic selection for guests to enjoy while waiting for their food. Instead of our usual choices, we decided to try something new—Quoridor. This strategy game proved to be an engaging way to pass the time.

When the food arrived, it exceeded our expectations. We started with pretzel bites, which were so delicious they vanished almost instantly. For the main course, the grilled cheese and turkey reuben were both savory and satisfying. Each bite was a testament to the café’s attention to quality. We were wise to save room for dessert because the apple turnover was a delightful way to end our meal.

Beyond the dining experience, The Gnoshery offers an even greater depth of games for sale in the back. Browsing through their collection was almost as fun as playing the games themselves. It’s a unique blend of a café and a game store, making it an ideal spot for families to bond over good food and entertainment.

Incorporating The Gnoshery into our Door County adventures was a decision we won’t forget. It’s more than just a place to eat; it’s a destination where memories are made, games are played, and delicious food is enjoyed.


WeWisconsin Tip:

When visiting a board game café like The Gnoshery, embrace the opportunity to try new games. It’s a fantastic way to discover new favorites and keep everyone entertained while waiting for your meal.