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“Welcome to the great state of Wisconsin” I call out from the driver’s seat of our family roadster each time we cross over the state line from Illinois to Wisconsin. Generally met with a cry of “Woohoo” but often followed by an “Are we there yet”.

Growing up and living most of my life in Illinois I have spent countless days exploring Wisconsin. A love affair that was passed on to me by my parents and extended family and one I am diligently working to pass down to my kids.

We hail from the Chicago area, and I believe Chicagoans often fall into the Wisconsin, Michigan or elsewhere bucket for their vacations and outdoor adventures. No offense to Michigan but I can’t get enough of Wisconsin. After all, it is the home of my beloved Green Bay Packers.

Wisconsin has been a destination for summer camps for myself and my kids, cottage vacations, camping trips, geocaching, and outdoor adventures. After a recent camping trip at Kettle Moraine, my daughter and I were discussing some of the cool places we explored and wanted to ensure we could share some of these new finds with family and friends.

From there the idea of WeWisconsin was born. We look forward to sharing Wisconsin travel experiences past, present, and in the future here on We Wisconsin. We want to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with a heavy focus on our favorite destinations and experiences. Our focus will inevitably be more family vacation-focused, but not exclusively family-oriented.

We love Wisconsin and our family motto is that “We Don’t Vacation. We Wisconsin”. Please join us for our adventures and share your recommendations and feedback!