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re you looking for a family-friendly outdoor adventure in Wisconsin? Look no further than Amnicon Falls State Park, located in the northwest corner of Wisconsin. This beautiful park is home to stunning waterfalls, rocky gorges, and roaring rapids. It is a very accessible park with the Falls just steps from the parking lot.

The highlight of Amnicon Falls State Park is the series of waterfalls that flow through the park. These waterfalls are created by the Amnicon River, which runs through the park and drops in a series of cascading falls. The largest of these waterfalls is the Lower Falls, which drops 20 feet and creates a pool at the base. The Upper Falls, located upstream from the Lower Falls, is also worth a visit. This waterfall is a bit smaller than the Lower Falls, but its beauty is just as captivating. Don’t miss Snake Pit Falls and Now and Later Falls too.


The wooden covered bridge, the Horton Bridge, gives you a great overhead view of the Lower Falls and access to many of the other falls and trails at the park. Amnicon Falls does not have an extensive trail system. There is the 0.8 mile Thimbleberry Nature Trail which takes you out to a pond and brownstone quarry. Then there are about 1/4 mile of trails weaving along the falls. Numerous cool and shady picnic tables equipped with BBQ grills are scattered along the river under the towering red and white pines, some nestled near the rapids above Upper Falls. It’s a fantastic spot for families to unwind and explore, making it a perfect destination for a relaxing afternoon.

Travel Wisconsin, has placed selfie stands at some of the most scenic spots in the state.  We have enjoyed coming across these Travel Wisconsin Selfie Stands throughout the state.  We found one at Amnicon Falls that has the Horton Covered Bridge making a picturesque backdrop.

Nestled among towering trees, Amnicon Falls State Park boasts a tranquil and rustic campground, providing a serene escape from the bustle of everyday life. Though lacking electric hookups, showers, and dump stations, the campground is surrounded by nature’s beauty, offering a peaceful respite from modern conveniences. Additionally, the park strictly prohibits the use of generators, ensuring a quiet and unspoiled environment for all campers.

We visited in the Spring and enjoyed watching the ragging water fueled by snowmelt flow down the falls. We made a weekend out of exploring waterfalls and visited Amnicon Falls in addition to several beautiful waterfalls on the North Shore of Lake Superior, near Duluth.

Overall, Amnicon Falls State Park is a great place for families to enjoy the beauty of nature and make memories together. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or just relaxing in the great outdoors, this park has something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab the kids, and head to Amnicon Falls State Park for an unforgettable family adventure in Wisconsin!