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If you’re searching for a truly unique and exhilarating way to experience Cave Point County Park in Wisconsin, look no further than embarking on a Cave Point Kayak adventure. The park’s mesmerizing limestone cliffs and turquoise waters take on a whole new dimension when seen from the vantage point of a kayak. Get ready to paddle your way through nature’s hidden wonders and witness awe-inspiring views that are best accessed from the water.

The Best Place to Put-In: Schauer Park

To start your kayaking escapade, Schauer Park serves as the ideal put-in spot. Located at 5360 Schauer Road, Sturgeon Bay, this park offers convenient access to the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan, where your thrilling journey will begin.

Schauer Park emerges as an excellent choice for kayakers exploring Cave Point County Park due to its strategic location to the north. The winds predominantly come from the south. As you head back to Schauer Park with a south wind at the end of your trip, you’ll be assisted by the wind and waves at your back, creating a smoother and more enjoyable journey. The further you paddle towards Schauer Park, the wind and waves gradually subside, allowing for a calmer and less challenging return.

When we went in the summer 2023 the cost to launch a kayak was $7.50, paid via an envelope placed in a drop box (bring change or a check). All alternative put-in is at Whitefish Dunes State Park. Keep in mind you will need a Wisconsin State Parks sticker to launch from there.

Exploring the Caves and Cliffs from a Kayak

As you paddle away from the shore, the enchantment of Cave Point slowly unfolds before your eyes. The limestone cliffs rise, revealing the intricate web of caves, coves, and crevices carved into their walls. These fascinating sea caves have been shaped over centuries by the relentless forces of nature, and from the water, you can intimately observe their unique formations.

Gently navigate through the calm waters, allowing yourself to get up close to the cliffs and experience their towering magnificence. With each paddle stroke, you’ll be drawn deeper into the heart of this natural wonderland, surrounded by the tranquility of the lake and the beauty of Cave Point’s geological marvels.

Mesmerizing Scenic Views

Kayaking along the shoreline also offers unrivaled views of Cave Point’s stunning scenery. The towering bluffs against the backdrop of Lake Michigan create a breathtaking landscape that looks straight out of a painting. As the sunlight dances on the water’s surface, the turquoise hues contrast with the white limestone, creating a picturesque and ethereal setting that will leave you in awe.

Cliff Jumping Adventure

For adventurous souls, a kayaking journey to Cave Point also offers the opportunity for a daring thrill—a cliff jump. After paddling through the sea caves and marveling at the scenic beauty, you can come ashore at certain points and find a spot to take a leap off the cliffs into the cool waters below. It’s an adrenaline-pumping experience that rewards you with an exhilarating sense of achievement and a chance to connect with nature in a unique way.

However, it is essential to exercise caution and consider safety at all times. Only attempt cliff jumping if the water levels are high enough and you are a strong swimmer. Cliff jumping involves inherent risks, and it’s crucial to assess your abilities and the conditions before taking the leap. Please remember, cliff jumping is a do-at-your-own-risk activity, and it is important to act responsibly and make informed decisions while enjoying this thrilling adventure.

Guided Tours

While exploring Cave Point from a kayak can be an unforgettable adventure, it’s important to prioritize safety. If you’re new to kayaking or want a guided experience, consider joining a tour with reputable outfitters like Door County Kayak Tours, Door County Adventure Center or Door County Pedal and Paddle. They provide expert guidance, ensuring you can fully enjoy the experience while staying safe.


Kayaking at Door County’s Cave Point County Park offers an unparalleled adventure that allows you to witness the beauty of nature from a different perspective. As you paddle through the hidden caves and cliffs, you’ll be immersed in the park’s enchanting charm, creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, grab a kayak, head to Schauer Park, and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through one of Wisconsin’s most extraordinary natural wonders.

WeWisconsin Tip:

We recommend planning this adventure for early in the day. The water is generally calmest in the morning. Additionally, the parking lot can fill up so getting there early will ensure you can secure a spot. Be sure to apply sunscreen, bring water and a waterproof bag. 

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